A Day in a Life of Flash

  • Opportunity (for Hope)

    We were tasked with creating a short video showing how integrated we actually are with this technology and not even knowing the massive role it plays in our daily lives. Follow a modern-day family and just see how Toshiba’s technology is a driving force behind our everyday triumphs and critical connections to the ones we love most.

  • Background

    Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC) is the North America electronic components business of Toshiba. TAEC offers a broad IC and discrete product line including high-end microcontrollers, ASICs and ASSPs for automotive, multimedia, industrial, telecoms and networking applications. The company also has a wide range of power semiconductor solutions as well as storage products including Enterprise and Consumer HDDs. TAEC was established in 1980, providing design, manufacturing, marketing and sales, with offices in Untied States and Latin America.

  • Challenge

    Today the abundance of technology is all around us; phones, cars, and even our coffee makers are now ‘smart’ and connected. To many, its unknown that one of the vital building blocks of these innovations lie within NAND flash technology which is provided by one of the leading technology manufacturers, Toshiba.

Day in a Life of Flash Video
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