A Day with a Rose

The Roses in Concrete is a Community Charter School in East Oakland, which was established in Fall 2015. They believe that a well-resourced state-of-the-art school complex, built with justice and equity at the core of its philosophy and practice, is a central component in breaking the vicious cycle of poverty, racism, violence, and hopelessness facing many students and families in our most economically deprived neighborhoods.

Since RiC was a new school, it needed a lot of funding to support their meals programs, art and music classes and after school programs to name a few. Our goal was to bring awareness and increase donations in a creative way. We wanted to lift RiC’s powerful voice, so they could be heard and supported.

  • Design

    The most powerful voice of every school is not the voice of teachers or parents, but of course its students. We know that if people get to see and listen how important it is for students to have all the amazing activities RiC has to offer, they will happily contribute to its unique academic curriculum. In order for outsiders to truly understand the community of RiC, we needed to show them what a day at RiC entails in the perspective of students. As such, the “Day with a Rose” video series was created. In the first video of the series, you’ll meet Elijah, an enthusiastic 5th Grader, and hear what he has to say about RiC.

  • Client

    Through the creative process of filming the video, we gained a greater understanding of RiC’s vision. We were blown away with the care students are given by teachers and faculty, and the love and support within RiC – whether between faculty members or students. Upon completion of the video, we placed it in the hero section of the front page of the school’s website paired with an integrated donation solution from Give. A day with Elijah helped school to significantly increase the donations and reduce bounce rates from the site overall.

A Day with Elijah
Growing Roses in Concrete

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