$15K or 3 Months Minimum Investment

Digital Identity

Having a consistent look and feel is key to building equity with your audience. We specialize in crafting Digital Identities that reflect a company’s vision and purpose. 

Our process aims at creating a unique logo anchored by a visual guideline collectively serving as a system for consistent design. We’ll then explore ways to apply these elements to refresh your company homepage and other digital assets within an orchestrated look & feel.


Logo Design, Brand Guide, Business Systems Kit, Social Media Assets.

Platform Design

Web Development, Migration, Maintenance, Workflows.

Content Development

Copywriting, Voice Development, Videography, Photography, Animation, Motion Graphics.

Assessment and Discovery

Onboarding and Survey Design, Team Interviews, Strategy Development.


Various Support and Development (Planning) for Workshops, Facilitation, Guided Conversations.

Integrated Practice

Assessment Report, Custom Toolkit Development, Reflective Debriefs. 

$18K or 3 Months Minimum Investment

Transformative Teams

At the core of any successful company is the culture that drives it. Mapping this DNA can be tricky, but fortunately our experienced team can navigate the way. 

We’ll dive into team discoveries, curated workshops, and integrated practices to transform your team’s personal values into a culture that aligns with your organization’s mission. We give leaders the foundational tools to forge an authentic culture that inspires your teams.

$50K or 6 Months Minimum Investment

Space Curation

Creating a thoughtful environment can foster transformative experiences. We build spaces that shift conventional thinking and expectations by curating spaces targeting emotional responses.  

We activate spaces through visual art, live performances, and interactive experiences. Whether you’re building brand awareness, cultural wellness, or community empowerment – we’ll build an immersive experience for your audience. 

Planning and Execution

Strategy and Roadmap Development, Theme Consultation, Management Services.

Art Curation

Murals, Micro Spaces Curation, Art Exhibits.

Interactive Experiences

Panels, Performances, Seminars, Workshops.

Campaign Development

Messaging Development, Roadmap, Strategic Planning Guide (Multiyear).

Content Development

Graphic Design, Video Production, Social Media Assets.


Social Media Ad Buys (Facebook, Google, etc), Billboards, Magazines, Print Media, Grassroots Promotions.

Events and Workshops

Promotional Events, Collaborative Promotions (Partners), Small to Medium Sized Workshops.

$125K or 6 Months Minimum Investment

Marketing Campaign

A good marketing campaign catalyzes an active conversation with your audience. Whether you’re looking to build grassroots engagement, community advocacy, or public awareness – we’ll spark a dialogue that drives action. 

Our goal is to solidify your narrative and develop captivating key messages. We’ll weave these concepts into conceptual design, production, and execution to build assets that perform. Increase awareness and drive action with our integrated campaigns designed specifically to align with your organization’s ethos and objectives. 

Allow us to build you a campaign that is fully custom tailored to your company and expectations. We have the ability to develop strategies as well as build an effective team to drive your vision.

Custom Approach

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