Constellation with unchARTed

Arden Fair is a regional shopping center located in Sacramento. It consists of over 165 tenants, encompassing over 1,100,000 square feet of retail space. In 2018 Uppercloud created a public art program for Arden Fair called unchArted to unite the art and Sacramento community together. The program is dedicated to conducting artful, experiential, and immersive activations on and around the Center’s premise.  The highlight of the unchArted program in 2019 became one of a kind audio and visual performance called “Constellation”.


Arden Fair is transforming and reinventing the idea of space within their center and ‘Constellation” has proved it to be true. We wanted to curate an experience that evokes emotions and propel the community on the paths of discovery and rediscovery. But most importantly uplift and celebrate the community and the city.

  • Strategy

    We intended to bring international recognition and presence to Sacramento and Arden Fair, but also to give the opportunity for the local artists to showcase their talent, so we invited the Sacramento Youth Symphony and LED sculpture artist Christopher Schardt of LED Labs to collaborate on this activation.

  • Design

    To open Constellation, a local youth orchestra, Sacramento Youth Symphony, performed live by the installation while Christopher Schardt provided live visuals that synced to the performance. Guests were invited to sit and lie on the artificial grass while enjoying the lights and performance. Guests of all ages and walks of life enjoyed the performance. Many were content being present at the moment, while others were taking photos and capturing videos on their mobile devices to remember the evening. The youth audience was invited to conduct the orchestra, making it a memorable and interactive experience for all. People were able to enjoy classical music while watching lights on 6-pointed star-shaped structure sync to the sounds. This immersive experience was activated in an underutilized corridor with little exposure to light, allowing guests to hear the music in close proximity. As they walk closer towards the music, they discover a massive 40’ LED structure above them. This mesmerizing combination aimed to calm and relax people in a very unexpected place. People could sit, dance, or simply look up in wonder as the lights danced above their heads.

  • Client

    Throughout the duration of the installation, there were sub-activations such as photography meetup and yoga instruction underneath the structure. The secondary activations allowed us to highlight local community efforts, while still promoting the overall art installation. Initially a two-week activation, the structure was extended by one more week due to popular demand and local media interest.

Live Performance
Afroyoga Activation

Angie Franklin of Afro Yoga led a 20 minute discussion on wellness followed by a 45 minute yoga instruction under Constellation. About 30 participants joined in on “yoga under the stars.”

Photo Meetup with Good, Inc.

Over 120 attendees participated in a photography meetup curated by Good Inc. The meetup brought together local photographers and models.

(Video by Good, Inc.)

Activation Photographs

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