What Makes Us

We Are a Force

The very reason why we do what we do.

UpperCloud Media is a partner in your dreams. We approach every relationship with a high level of authenticity, gratitude, and imagination. Beyond providing quality deliverables, we have an unrelenting desire to build experiences that inspire you and your company to become limitless in possibility. We are fun, critical, communicative, explorative and have unique processes and solutions to help you live and communicate your vision and brand. We are curators of hope. Well-versed culture shapers that observe trends and pioneer new ideas.

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The individuals that sum up our force.

The individuals that make us. We are required at the very least to be relentless and hopeful when challenge is right at our doorstep and they sure visit often. We operate with the full belief that there is a way to work anything out, it takes the right people and a good amount of trust that we can execute to deliver what is needed. Short of getting married, this is the type of relationship we aim to build with our community.

She is educating, informing and engaging target audiences, and is particularly adept at building integrated campaigns. Glenda has deployed corporate and guerilla-style marketing strategies for a range of companies, and has directed the execution of traditional and multimedia campaigns to achieve program goals. Her expertise ranges from media relations, advertising, social marketing and collateral and brand development to video production and distribution.

Glenda Macatangay

Managing Partner

As our technology powerhouse, he can build out the process for technology products from concept to market with skill sets in web development, digital design, consumer and enterprise computer hardware, audio technologies, and more. With a background in people management, process development, and team mentorship, he is extremely passionate about learning and building relationships with people.

Johnny Neang

Managing Partner

Judy has a meticulous eye for detail. She is in charge of managing client projects and works with both internal and external teams to ensure client deliverables are executed.

Judy Chu

Managing Director

Jeff has an eye for design. As our Multimedia Specialist, Jeff creates striking visuals for our clients. Jeff loves photography, cinematography, design and pretty much anything visually creative. He's always trying to push myself to think outside the box and try new creative ideas.

Jeff Hodges

Lead Designer

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Oxana Yudaeva

Account Manager

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Sarah Marie Hawkins

Operations Manager

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Dan Jumanan

Creative Director

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Cesar Ramirez

Administrative Coordinator

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Nick Naraja

Web Designer

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Pedro Garcia

Film Director

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Kellen Lor

Film Producer

Our Agreement

We will always be in the process of growing, there is no doubt about it. How we do it will continue to define us.

The ever changing process and processes to amend those has evolved out of how we internally have defined the word, process. Instead, we operate with a general framework; discovery, proposal, production and support. More importantly, what governs our framework are our core principles that allows a degree of autonomy within our team and leads.

Frictionless Experience

Create a reasonably smooth experience for our clients throughout the entire creative process to deliverables.


Develop a fair price and timeline for all stakeholders involved in the work.


We must be able to stand by and celebrate all of our delivered work and defend its vision.

Social Impact

Where possible, we must elevate ideas and members of our community into our work. We believe in equal opportunities as well as equitable representation.

Connection and Trust

Our relationships are paramount with our clients, team, contractors and community. We must always move with empathy and remain present with our brand.

Between the Droplets

All the little things since the beginning that continues to build our cloud.

It started with a single idea to do marketing for good at a coffee shop in Union City, California. What transpired over time was a community that built with us as clients, contractors, employees, friends, and advocates into us, present day. 

We believe in entrepreneurs, organizations for social good, non-profits, and companies aimed to progress humanity. This is how we will continue to grow and give them a voice through content, design, relationships, strategy, and more than just a fighting chance at success. It is absolutely required to give a $#1t here.


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