Web Refresh with Fung Capital

Fung Capital was seeking to rebrand their website to modernize the look and feel with an emphasis on communicating to potential partners on who they are. Fung Capital as extensive domain knowledge across the supply chain industry and wanted a better way to showcase all of their partners.



Finding a balance between traditional websites where a sizable amount of information needs to be communicated and moving towards a modern design with less copy is tricky. We need to become more concise during copyright and utilizing imagery to tell or reinforce statements. The site needs to quickly communicate its mission and establish trust.

  • Strategy

    We first identified the core brand components such as color, copy, and sitemap then proceeded to polish with an updated identifier using a sans type font but retaining the original colors. This set the foundation of the page templates and layouts we sought to build. Upon completion of layouts, we continued to work to revise copy and image to precisely what would communicate the mission of Fung Capital best. The last section, Tech Landscape is a visual directory of all it’s partners across their four industries of focus that was built as an interactive piece for users.

  • Client

    The site was launched and received positive feedback from stakeholders. Leveraging Google Analytics we have started the process to understand our users and their experience with the site to make data driven changes for the future.

Open Project
Before & After Comparison
Before After

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