How UpperCloud developed an arts program and a public awareness campaign to help a retail center become a collective hub for everyone.

Supporting the Sacramento arts community has been a focus of Arden Fair for decades, but this focus was rarely on their patrons’ radar. Arden Fair was looking to transform how people experienced their Center. Through the efforts of collaborating with local artists, talents, and imaginative thinkers, Arden Fair changed the paradigms of malls as a place to shop into a community space where families can participate in creative events, experience inspiring art, and share ideas — a true collective hub for everyone. 


Using our creative network and our marketing expertise, we developed the UnchARTed arts program, which was a two-fold concept: an art program that would act as a stand alone, but had roots for a year-long campaign. With the main theme of bringing the community together, this strategic development allowed for longevity as a program as well as a public awareness campaign that speaks to discovery and rediscovery, inviting patrons to step into the unknown, ultimately transforming the way they feel, think, and see about Arden Fair and themselves. Patrons were able to get a new and unique taste of the local arts community through artful experiential and immersive activations on and around Arden Fair’s premise, ultimately helping to uplift and celebrate Sacramento’s creative community.

  • Strategy

    Marketing Campaign

  • Design

    2015 - 2022

  • Client

    Arden Fair

⬤ 01. Approach

Inviting patrons to discover Arden Fair in a new light through the arts.

To build robust awareness among the community about UnchARTed, we developed a campaign that spans across different mediums.


Research and Development, Annual Planning, Brand Development


Content, Collateral Design, Billboard and Advertising


Event Production, Film and Photography


Strategic Sports Relations, Public Relations, and Community Collaboration

⬤ 02. Strategy

Guiding Pillars

It is critical that we embody each of these pillars into the campaign as it will define the image and voice on behalf of Arden Fair to the entire Sacramento community.

Local Artists


All outreach and calls were geared towards local artists as the primary objective. To celebrate and highlight artists in Sacramento to its community and the world is paramount.  

Accessible Art


All art activations will be free of charge to the community within the spaces of Arden Fair. Transforming the space to allow access to art for all equalizes the opportunity for everyone.  

Fair Compensation


Artists will be compensated as fair as possible, to help develop the message that we can sustain creative work here in Sacramento and to continue to raise the bar for their future endeavors.  

Diversity & Inclusion


Art activations are carefully vetted to have a diverse mix of artists that span the spectrum of upcoming to establsihed to various backgrounds.  
⬤ 03. Brand

Brand Assets

Developing brand identify, color, voice, and visual templates to speak on behalf of the Uncharted tone. Bold and vibrant colors were selected with rounded shapes for an apperance that is inviting and engaging.

⬤ 04. Collateral


Designs of collateral had to adhere to brand guidelines and lend itself to a collaborative identity with activations using colors and tones that compliment the final asset. Where possible, we pushed on creating collateral concepts that speak to the final medium such as a coloring page for a magazine ad or a map design for the regional transit train.


Outdoor Advertising

Print Impressions
2,246,000+ Impressions

Billboard Impressions

Transit Impressions


Digital Promotions


Eblast Impressions

Social Media Impressions


Local Artists




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