Planned vs Reality with Elementum

Elementum makes the supply chain simple and intuitive, the company helps companies streamline procurement, logistics, and manufacturing operations. While even in enterprise industries, there are still very human challenges that we can empathize with. Bridging those challenges conceptually to showcase our understanding of what professionals may go through.


We wanted to create a more human connection to the Elementum brand in the space of cloud supply chain automation platforms through a series of media such as videos to be used on various platforms such as social, web, and emails. The challenge is to empathize with how planners manage their day-to-day supply chain exceptions to forecasts and projections. Being able to react to a moment’s notice and leveraging tools from Elementum to respond quickly in a fast-paced organization with multiple teams often in different time zones.

  • Strategy

    Supply chain professionals often experience what is originally planned and the actual outcome typically varying by many degrees. The ‘Planned vs Reality’ approach was born out of the realization that we can plan for an outcome, but do it in a way where we take into account our dynamic world that in the end, we can still get the job done. Our aim is to highlight adaptability - which is a core offering of Elementum’s platform.

  • Design

    We developed several fictional characters, one of which, our favorite Calamity Carol who doesn’t seem to get a break from life. The short shows her seeking and expecting a certain type of date, but to find that upon meeting it wasn’t exactly what she had originally hoped. However, if we are adaptable, we can still achieve our goal - finding a quality partner with an unexpected twist.

Cautious Carol in "Blind Sided Dating"
Early Storyboard Sketches
Cautious Carol Character Development

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