Pop-up Concerts with Living Room Vibes

Arden Fair is a regional shopping center located in Sacramento. It consists of over 165 tenants, encompassing over 1,100,000 square feet of retail space. In 2018, Uppercloud assisted in developing a public art program for Arden Fair called unchARTed. The goal of UnchARTed is to unite the art and Sacramento community together. The program is dedicated to creating artful, experiential, and immersive activations on and around Arden Fair’s premise. “Living Room Vibes” was a monthly music series in the evening of every first Friday from August to December in 2019, hosted by Sacramento musician and community organizer, BASI VIBE.


The series aimed to elevate and showcase Sacramento’s talented musicians, giving them a platform to perform within Arden Fair, as well as activate vacant or open spaces within the shopping center to maximize utilization.

  • Strategy

    Each month from August to December, a new artist performed for roughly 1.5 hours. Utilizing a vacant retail space, we invited the community to sit back and enjoy an intimate music experience in a unique setting. To promote the event, we partnered with each artist and the Sacramento music community to reach out to their audience. Advertising via Arden fair’s social media platforms and the unchARTed website were used to invite people to this unique experience. Printed postcards displaying the full series lineup were dropped off and on display throughout Sacramento coffee shops, cafes, music venues, and art centers. To further promote the concert series, we had the opportunity to pitch “Living Room Vibes to an audience that matches our target demographic at a "Creative Mornings Sacramento" event.

  • Design

    Before any of the performance dates, the vacant unit was thoughtfully curated to stimulate a living room, complete with accent chairs, coffee table, lamp, artwork on the mantel, houseplants, and bookshelves adorned with books and trinkets. On the day of any performance, a designated sound technician came prior to the show to set up and test sound in the room. After the room was set up, a soundcheck was conducted with the slated artist of the evening to ensure everything sounded smoothly before opening doors. Once doors were opened, Arden Fair representatives invited passersby to come into the unit to experience live music.

  • Client

    Activated over 1,000 square feet for "Living Room Vibes." Over 30 new (local) artists inquired about participation in future shows. Every concert gathered a healthy size audience, and we had very positive feedback for supporting local musicians. Fast forward to 2020 and in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic which caused most businesses to close, Arden Fair and UpperCloud revisited "Living Room Vibes," but added a virtual twist to pivot to the current climate. “In Your Living Room Vibes" was an online concert series livestreamed from Arden Fair's Facebook page. The intent of the concert series was to help Arden Fair connect with their audience when they were physically closed and also support local artists.

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Timothy Brown

Timothy Brown is an up-and-coming artist from the Sacramento area. Along with his band The New Crowns, he plays an array of soulful original music with a modern twist.

Instagram: @timothybrownmusic

Harlequin Rose

Harlequin Rose is an alt-pop singer/songwriter from Sacramento, CA. Her velvety vocals don’t come without a bite, creating songs that sound like the soundtrack to dewey dreams and gritty summer nights.

Instagram: @harlequinrosemusic

A Tribe Quartet

A Tribe Quartet is a Black American Music Ensemble based out of Sacramento, California. Drawing influences from great acts such as Butcher Brown, Robert Glasper, Nicholas Payton, and Kamasi Washington they make music for peoples of all walks of life to enjoy and have fun creating a positive environment for their audience.

Instagram: @atribequartet

Ode To Saturday

Sammie Music Award Winning duo, Ode To Saturday is comprised of singer-songwriters, Deiy Leone & Jordan Kalé. As Sacramento natives, they have ushered in an exhilarating sound that has traveled into the hearts of the masses. This crazy pair is determined to turn the world into a giant #loveparty one song at a time.

Instagram: @odetosaturday

The Philharmonik

Part of the Sol Life record label, The Philharmonik brings a revitalizing sense of urgency and musical depth to the shallows of the current mainstream music landscape. Talented and versatile, passionate and personal, The Philharmonik is a refreshingly creative force whether singing, rapping, producing, playing keys, or engineering a session.

Instagram: @thephilharmonik


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