Rebrand of Magpie Alchemy

Magpie Alchemy is equal parts science and love. Owners Jamie Cardenas and Lucas Ives took charge of their family’s health and chose to limit exposure to the chemicals and artificial ingredients found in commonly used products. They studied how their ancestors used the healing power of plants that come naturally from Mother Earth to take care of their bodies. Using a variety of tools from their plant friends to expand their product line-up, and help others be more healthy, thus evolving into Magpie Alchemy.


Exposing our bodies to toxins is almost as routine as showering in the morning. Pre-Prop 65, we consumed foods, drank liquids, and used skincare products known to cause cancer along with birth defects and other reproductive harm. In the shuffle of mass produced goods, Jamie and Lucas decided enough was enough. They made a bold move in advocacy of true health and wellness, thus creating their business, Magpie Alchemy. Ready to take their brand to the next level, they reached out to us for web design, new photography, a logo refresh, and business consultation. We immersed ourselves in their mission and products and got to work.

  • Strategy

    With a high level of care and love for the story behind the brand, our team dove into the thick of it to produce an authentic look and feel that is, Magpie Alchemy. For brand, we opted for colors in a cool palette to emphasis calm to and to embody the idea of holistic and healing. We paired modern with vintage in choosing fonts that were legible with an old-time feel. For the website, we opted for a symmetrical layout to compliment text and images to guide the user through the entirety of the site.

  • Design

    After learning more about Magpie Alchemy's story and their products, we helped refine their existing logo into something that was bold and modern, yet didn't lose the elements that Magpie Alchemy loved about their former logo. After the logo was completed, we designed product labels in various sizes that featured illustrated flora used in most of the Magpie Alchemy's products. The next stage was to take beautiful high-quality photos of the products and start building the website, which would help clients to understand the values of Magpie Alchemy, the benefits of their cosmetics, and seamlessly purchase their products. To showcase Magpie Alchemy's rebrand, we organized and curated their launch event where they were celebrated by their community and energized for a the next chapter in their journey.

  • Client

    We believe a strong brand lays the foundation for a clearly told story. Magpie Alchemy is more than the product, it is a belief that we can heal our bodies and our communities, and encourages us to make health a priority in our lives. We are grateful to have lent our hands in refreshing their website, strengthening their brand assets, and providing consultation to sharpen their business practices.

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